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Strengthen your organization's security against real threats

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Advanced ethical hacking techniques to test your company's resilience
Our OffSec experts adopt realistic attack strategies to test your company's resilience and identify security gaps, enhancing the protection of your systems and company. Through resources such as pentests, social engineering, and other techniques, we create a personalized scenario aiming to compromise your system's security, to identify vulnerabilities in your company and validate and improve your processes.
Why choose Red Team engagement?
With Red Team Engagement, our OffSec team helps your organization go beyond vulnerability identification, providing insights into your security level and threat response capabilities. As a result, your company enhances its security posture, addresses weaknesses, and strengthens strategies against real threats.

Ethical Hacking:We employ advanced techniques of realistic attacks with a noble objective: to improve the security of what you offer to your end users

Precise and realistic assessment:Our method comprehensively explains how your company's systems handle invasion attempts

Specific objectives:Our tests include pursuing particular goals, such as obtaining application codes or accessing financial information

Receive recommendations:Our team prepares a comprehensive and descriptive report, identifying the vulnerabilities and strengths in your systems

Test the resilience of your company with a realistic approach

Highly skilled OffSec team
Attacks executed by experts with theoretical and practical experience in OffSec make security assessment much more rigorous.

This service is supported by our technology - Conviso Platform, a comprehensive DevSecOps platform.

Validation of threat detection tools
Red Team Engagement activities are essential allies in validating the effectiveness of threat detection tools.

Conviso Platform

Saiba mais sobre os serviços de Pentest da Conviso e entenda como, combinados à Conviso Platform, eles podem ser um diferencial para a segurança da sua empresa!

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