Application Security Posture Management

Being concerned about the security of your applications is essential. With numerous digital products and development teams, maintaining security is a challenge. In this article, we will understand what ASPM is and why having a platform to assist in this task is so important.

What is ASPM?

ASPM is a category for application security solutions whose goal is to play a fundamental role in continuously managing application risks addressing security issues from the development phase to deployment.

These solutions can correlate data from multiple sources and provide a holistic view of the risks associated with each application, allowing precise actions to be taken to enhance asset security.

Moreover, they act as a layer of security tools management and orchestration, enabling control and application of development policies.

Essential Features of an ASPM Solution

Prioritization and Triage
Risk Management

ASPM platforms are an evolution of the well-known ASOC solutions (Application Security Orchestration and Correlation), in which the primary function of such solutions was to gather and consolidate data received from various types of security testing tools (SAST, DAST, and others). It was in recent years that ASPM offerings emerged, going beyond context-less vulnerability management and enabling the construction and monitoring of an AppSec program based on application risk.

An ASPM platform should minimally encompass the following features:

Security test orchestration
Integration with developer workflow tools
Insights on necessary corrections
Correlation of vulnerabilities with context
Vulnerability triage and prioritization
Business risk scoring
Software component inventory

Benefits of an ASPM Solution

Managing application security is often a massive challenge for various types of companies. It's common to find small security teams needing help managing all tools, associating automated tests, fixing flaws on time, and dealing with many other challenges related to AppSec management.

ASPM solutions aim to address these challenges:

Reducing AppSec Silos

Eliminating application security silos is achieved by integrating and consolidating various tools development, security, and operations teams use. This is coupled with a cultural shift by incorporating security throughout the pipeline. This approach caters to technical teams' needs and enables business managers to comprehend security panoramas comprehensively.

Implementing Application Security Controls

In organizations with mature application security programs, policies are translated into code and integrated into development infrastructure. For instance, automated code analysis can occur during application building, with policies adapted to risk levels. ASPM allows for creating and applying application-specific security policies, considering individual risks, integrating with the infrastructure, offering swift feedback for corrective actions, and potentially blocking deployments if needed, ensuring acceptable security levels.

Security Throughout the Development Cycle

ASPM platforms enable security to be part of every software development stage. They execute automated threat modeling, allow defining requirements and development policies, integrate with or include their code analysis technologies, relate, and triage found vulnerabilities, and enable the training of those involved in security flaw corrections.

The primary objective is to prioritize security actions in applications that enhance an organization's application security posture.

Conviso Platform as an ASPM Solution

Conviso Platform is an ASPM solution that simplifies the management of your application security posture. The dev-first platform seamlessly integrates with development tools and processes, promoting collaboration between developers and security professionals.

Through it, you can:

Manage Application Security Posture

By clearly understanding the risks associated with each asset, organize and prioritize actions to increase the organization's security level.

Build and Monitor AppSec Programs

Through process documentation, execute projects using a workflow, associate requirements, assign responsibilities, and more.

Risk-Oriented Vulnerability Management

Go beyond status changes and integration with ticketing tools. Perform deduplication of similar vulnerabilities originating from the same source and have information to prioritize fixes.

Shift security to the Development Beginning

Through defining requirements, policies, and threat modeling, optimize time and resources involved in rework and vulnerability correction, bringing security to the initial development stages.

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