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Security from the earliest stages of your application

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Enhance your AppSec strategy with a solution focused on Threat Modeling
Build secure applications from the architecture phase with AppSec Design, the specialized Threat Modeling consulting service by Conviso. Our team identifies potential risks associated with your solution and provides precise security requirements to yours, ensuring that your application is built with the quality, reliability, and security that your customers deserve.
Why choose Secure Product Design?
AppSec requires strategy and planning. With that in mind, we have built a well-structured service that consists of 4 stages: information gathering about the architecture, analysis and definition of requirements, consolidation of results, and presentation.

Risk identification:An analysis of development and code implementation characteristics is performed to identify potential vulnerabilities throughout the application.

Tecnology:Conducted with the assistance of Conviso Platform's Secure by Design, our solution that focuses on Shift-Left, this service provides not only a report with suggestions but also structured requirements based on OWASP's (Open Worldwide Application Security Project) ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard).

Guidance:Our experts provide guidance for adopting a secure architectural model, suggesting improvements for risk mitigation and compliance.

A mature AppSec strategy requires a preventive approach

Customized Solutions
For each client, a tailored solution is created to meet the specific needs required by each business.

Best Practices
The foundational framework for analysis is OWASP SAMM, a globally recognized model in AppSec that proposes a set of security practices that cover the entire software lifecycle.

Highly Qualified Team
Rely on the expertise of instructors who possess strong theoretical and practical knowledge in software development and AppSec.

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AppSec Design: Secure development begins with well-structured requirements

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