Platform overview

A complete AppSec Management solution

Gain a detailed view of the security of developing software, associated with the risk of each application, enabling effective management of your AppSec program.

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Application Security Posture Management

Conviso Platform is an Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) solution that simplifies the management of your application security posture.

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Transform the way your team develops secure software

first step
Manage the security posture of your applications
With a clear view of the risks associated with each product, organize and prioritize actions to increase your company's security level.
Efficient implementation of your AppSec program
The platform allows for defining, structuring, and monitoring the entire AppSec program set for your applications. Document processes, manage projects through a workflow, associate requirements, assign responsibilities, link evidence, and more.
Complete and accurate vulnerability management
Forget about spreadsheets used to manage vulnerabilities. Conviso Platform provides a complete workflow for management, going far beyond simple status changes and integration with ticketing tools. Perform deduplication of similar vulnerabilities originating from the same source and gain insights to prioritize corrections.
Security at the beginning of development
The platform operates on the concept of Secure by Design, enabling security to be incorporated at the beginning of development through defining requirements, processes, and policies and conducting threat modeling, allowing for optimizing resources and time involved in rework and vulnerability correction.
third step
Get more control over software security - Secure Pipeline allows a unified view of all tests that have already run or are still running in the application in development. Monitor security in all your application deploys.
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Orchestration and consolidation of security tests
Integrate the Conviso Platform with your security tools to consolidate identified results and facilitate centralized management of your automated scan results.

Platform features

Discover the available features in the platform that allow you to prioritize security in software development

Access control and profile definition

Define the necessary permissions for each profile according to your needs, ensuring greater control and security of the handled data.

Definition of requirements and policies

Establish the requirements for developing your applications and set security policies to prevent delays and security flaws in software delivery.

Project and security initiative management

Manage your security initiatives on the platform, allowing a unified and real-time view of the status of each project and directing the necessary activities to the involved teams.

Vulnerability correlation and deduplication.

The platform performs a process of correlating identified vulnerabilities and removes duplicates, allowing for prioritization and efficiency in correlation.

Security analysis orchestration

Integrating security scan tools allows the Conviso Platform to orchestrate, aggregate, and correlate all executed scans, providing greater control and convenience in managing various tools.

Knowledge base

Create an internal knowledge base using vulnerability templates, and gain insights into your secure development process.

Automated threat modeling

Through the platform, it's possible to perform the application threat modeling process in an automated way, allowing security to consider in the early stages of development.

Intuitive dashboard

The Conviso Platform's dashboard provides a focused view of key indicators and KPIs related to the security of your applications, providing all necessary information to the stakeholders involved in development.

Security Experts

Make security a part of your team's culture. Eliminate barriers between security and development teams and facilitate interaction and collaboration.

Security Feed

Visualize key insights and information to enhance the security of your applications practically and straightforwardly.

Product Management

Bring together all the necessary details about your products, providing a view of the associated risks and enabling more efficient management of your applications.

Enhance your security tools

Conviso Platform integrates with various CI/CD tools, security scanners, bug trackers, and more, providing optimized results and centralizing your management process.

Discover the integrations

Designed to integrate with the daily routines of development teams

Our API and CLI enable developers to execute, customize, and automate various activities according to their needs.

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Our add-ons allow you to complement your security initiatives through the platform according to your team's demands.

Discover the plans

Our platform offers three plan options, so you can choose the one that best meets the specific needs of your business.


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FAQ Conviso Platform

Find quick answers about our ASMP solution.

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Qual é a engine utilizada para análises automatizadas?

A Conviso recentemente adquiriu a N-Stalker, uma solução de DAST amplamente reconhecida no mercado global de segurança de aplicações, e a incorporou à sua plataforma. Isso permitiu a realização de análises dinâmicas por meio de uma solução própria.

Além disso, as análises de código estático (SAST) são conduzidas utilizando a engine do Nessus, que está integrada à nossa plataforma.