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Security in DevOps:
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A SaaS platform created to support the entire security development lifecycle. Go beyond technology: bring security as a culture to your company.

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Five products,

One platform

Conviso Platform has got the whole security pipeline covered to empower developers to build secure applications. Because Security shouldn't be an isolated part of your development pipeline — it should be an ongoing, collaborative activity between all teams. Conviso now presents five products within its platform to help you in this mission.

Secure by Design Conviso Plataform

Secure by Design

Identify risks associated with development and provide requirements for building secure applications.

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Secure Pipeline Conviso Plataform

Secure Pipeline

Perform automated tests on the development pipeline providing scale
and traceability.

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Attack Surface Conviso Platform

Attack Surface

Monitor external security from network and web scans of exposed internet assets. Ensure unified management and direct actions in prevention and correction.

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People & Culture Conviso Platform

Protection as
a code

Fix and monitor major attacks from the development pipeline, under the management of the devs.

Protection as a Code Conviso Platform

People & Culture

Raise awareness and empower code security developers, as well as other professionals involved in AppSec.

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Our team of experts

is ready to provide a full range of AppSec services to leverage the security of your applications. Our services were thoughtfully designed to optimize the routine of the Developers and create an AppSec culture in your company.

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The fast pace of AppSec requires constant updates on tool integrations. Conviso Platform supports the leading solutions in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools, as well as other market solutions. Our integrations are updated constantly, to provide more autonomy for developers, and to keep security at the speed of your business.

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With its five innovative products, Conviso platform has got the whole security pipeline covered to empower developers to build secure applications. But to tell you how we built Conviso Platform, we need to go back to the beginning — to when the first version of our platform was developed, in 2010.

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