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If your development process is continuous...

your application security approach must be too.

Enable your DevSecOps approach with continuous application security solutions by Conviso.


Conviso and N-Stalker

Join forces in Application Security

Shift Left

Testing-based strategy
Continuous App Security

A testing-based application security approach requires hours of hard work. As a result, the security analysts' actions creates a technical debt that increases tension between the security and the development teams.

The “Shift Left” concept brings security to the development pipeline, allowing the early identification and remediation of flaws generating less costs to have a more tangible ROI.

Gladius Conviso

Data Breaches

Are the bad guys winning?


Is the number of lost or stolen records since 2013 according to the Breach Level Index website statistics.

And this number grows larger daily...

if you want to know more about the biggest incidents of data breaches in history, a good source via graph is "Information Is Beautiful".


We are Conviso

With over 10 years specialized in application security projects, we are recognized in the market as one of the most experienced brazilian company in Application Security.
Pioneers of Application Security as a Service, we have achieved many success stories in various segments, including for renowned banks, biggest e-commerces sites and the leading companies in the payment industry worldwide.
We are oriented by Continuous Application Security and influenced not only by Agile culture but also by two strong beliefs.

“Only identifing flaws is not sufficient."
"If your development process is continuous, your application security approach must be too”

Conviso Facts

binário code

120 million +

of code lines in
application revised

apresentação ícone

10k +

professionals trained
in application security

hacker ícone

1500 +

invasion tests

bug ícone

15k +

vulnerability fixed
in applications

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