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Vendor Assessment

AppSec services focused on compliance, conducted by experts

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How secure are your supplier's applications?

Go beyond automation when ensuring regulatory compliance.

Benefit from the expertise of our AppSec experts to perform a comprehensive assessment of your potential suppliers. Rely on our specialists to evaluate third parties’ ability to meet your organization's application security needs and requirements.
Why choose Vendor Assessment?
Learn through a technical opinion whether the supplier you are hiring meets your company's quality, security, ethics, and compliance standards. See how our solution goes beyond the automated tools typically available in the market:

Best practicesOur services follow OWASP ASVS practices, evaluating the organization's application and processes.

Protect your company's reputationData breaches can have a significant impact on a company's reputation. Vendor Assessment helps you protect your customers' data and prevent data breaches.

TechnologyCount on the involvement of the necessary teams through our technology: Conviso Platform.

Choose a solution that combines expertise with technology for your compliance

Best use of resources
We perform as many tests as possible within the agreed time

Simplified Deployment
Processes created to be efficient. Upon completing your evaluation and remedying any security issues, your new applications will be ready to go to the market

Experts in charge
Attacks executed by our Offensive Security team, with relevant information about the application, making security assessment much more rigorous

Conviso Platform

Saiba mais sobre os serviços de Pentest da Conviso e entenda como, combinados à Conviso Platform, eles podem ser um diferencial para a segurança da sua empresa!

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