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AppSec Squads

Rely on a team of experts contributing to the security of your applications.

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Multidisciplinary squads dedicated to supporting an AppSec program
Our team consists of qualified experts ready to meet all the security needs of your applications. We use a global reference, OWASP SAMM, as a foundation, which is a structured framework for implementing and assessing the maturity of all practices within an application security program.

This ensures that our actions are not just isolated efforts but integral parts of a comprehensive set of deliverables, with the goal of continuously increasing application security maturity.
Squad composition
Your squad will comprise two AppSec analysts with expertise in different areas. In addition to the specialized AppSec analysts, the squad includes a Squad Leader responsible for project management.
Cloud and Infra
Vulnerability correction
Our approach is customized to fit your AppSec program

Identification and Training of Security Champions

Training for Developers

Security Policy Development

Threat Modeling

Process Development

Vulnerability Management

Monitor the security of your applications with the Conviso Platform
In our ongoing quest for transparency and convenience, we offer exclusive access to our platform, the Conviso Platform, a comprehensive AppSec management solution that empowers secure development for development teams.

Conviso Platform

Saiba mais sobre os serviços de Pentest da Conviso e entenda como, combinados à Conviso Platform, eles podem ser um diferencial para a segurança da sua empresa!

Why Invest in AppSec Squads?

Security culture:
Your team will gain greater awareness of security issues, promoting a consistent and enduring security culture throughout the company.

Risk reduction:
Our comprehensive vulnerability management process helps ensure your applications are up-to-date and resilient against emerging threats.

Customer trust:
You build customer trust and protect your brand's reputation by demonstrating a solid commitment to application security.

Ensure your development team implements best practices from the start. Our proactive approach saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on strategic activities and growing your business.

Efficient collaboration:
Establish a connection between development and security teams, facilitating communication and collaboration ensuring security issues are addressed swiftly and effectively.

Continuous support:
In addition to our application security services, we provide ongoing support, expert guidance, and regular updates to ensure your applications are always protected in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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Protect your applications with the multidisciplinary approach of the AppSec Squads

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