AppSec Squads

Rely on Security Experts
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Our goal is to work side by side with your team in conceiving and structuring an AppSec program, taking responsibility for specialized practices.

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Get support throughout your AppSec program

A dedicated team to develop and support the construction of a comprehensive application security program tailored to your company.

Squad Composition

Your squad will comprise two or more AppSec analysts, each with expertise in key areas.

In addition to the AppSec analysts, you will have a Squad Leader responsible for managing projects and establishing clear strategies.

This configuration ensures a comprehensive and specialized approach to your application security needs.

Customized approach for your AppSec program

Identification and training of Security Champions

Developer training

Development of security policies

Threat modeling

Process development

Vulnerability management

AppSec experts
+ Technology
Through the alliance between our experts and the Conviso Platform, we will support the implementation, definition, and management of a structured application security program.

Orchestration and Correlation of Security Scans

Automation in Defining Security Requirements

Contextualized Vulnerability Management

Facilitation of Collaboration between Dev and Sec

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Protect your applications with the multidisciplinary approach of AppSec Squads

Talk to our team and learn how we can support your day-to-day secure development process.

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