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Develop AppSec maturity of your organization

Developing secure software requires maturity from the AppSec responsible teams in an organization. That's why we bring the expertise of our specialized consultants to work together with your team in developing a comprehensive and effective AppSec program that transforms the company's security culture and establishes continuous processes of analysis and review.

This service is built based on OWASP SAMM (Open Web Application Security Project - Software Assurance Maturity Model), a global maturity model that is a reference in AppSec.
Why choose AppSec Journey?
Building and maintaining secure applications requires a highly skilled and multidisciplinary workforce. We have a team of trained AppSec experts to guide your team throughout your AppSec journey. The entire practice can be managed through our own technology, the Conviso Platform.
AppSec Journey takes place in three phases:

Gap Analysis:We evaluate the effectiveness of existing security controls to prioritize the areas where your organization should invest its resources to improve application security

Planning and Strategy:A detailed action plan is then created to increase the maturity of your secure development process. The Secure Software Development Lifecycle (S-SDLC) built aligns with your development practices

Security Champions:We empower your Security Champions to raise awareness and foster an AppSec culture throughout the organization, aiming to promote best security practices throughout the software development lifecycle

Invest in a mature security approach

Cyber Insurance
In addition to following best security practices and data treatment policies, we also have cyber insurance coverage of BRL10,000,000.00 to handle incidents or cyber extortion cases.

Dedicated Consultants
Instead of project managers, we have consultants fully focused on meeting your expectations. Throughout the project, our team is available to answer questions and facilitate communication.

Conviso Platform

Saiba mais sobre os serviços de Pentest da Conviso e entenda como, combinados à Conviso Platform, eles podem ser um diferencial para a segurança da sua empresa!

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