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Penetration Testing

Monitor vulnerabilities in real time with our pentests supported by our technology: Conviso Platform

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Identify and fix vulnerabilities
Pentests are essential in the quest for more secure applications. They are especially important in the testing phase, to identify vulnerabilities at runtime, and in periodic applications in already active applications, to simulate attacks close to reality and identify vulnerabilities.Our Pentests are designed to optimize the routine of devs and provide a safer application for end users.
We offer pentests in white-box, gray-box, or black-box formats and in the following modalities:

External/ Internal

Web Application

Mobile Application

Architecture and
Security Audit in Cloud

Why choose Conviso Pentests?
Our Pentest services are supported by  Conviso Platform, a DevSecOps platform that enables effective vulnerability management.

Obtain valuable data and insights so that corrections can be made assertively

It allows validation and categorization of vulnerabilities by criticality, optimizing the efficiency and accuracy of Pentest services

The communication with the Security Experts involved in the project happens in two ways, facilitating information exchange and enhancing security

Act preventively

Rely on our OffSec experts
The resilience of your application is verified by our OffSec team through recurring tests or specific projects. Identify and fix vulnerabilities before breaches occur and optimize resources.

Integration with your favorite tools
Our platform allows you to receive notifications in communication tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack and open tickets in tools such as Jira, Azure DevOps, Gitlab or Github.

Gain more control
With the combination of our pentests and our platform, you can follow your tests in real time, gaining greater control and transparency.

Identifying vulnerabilities is not enough
We offer a complimentary application retest to ensure that the corrections have been properly implemented.

Conviso Platform

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