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Shift Left OffSec

The combination of technology and expertise to monitor your entire development pipeline with a proactive approach

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Continuous monitoring for better results

Operationalize the security of your applications and invest in continuous security, with integrated testing in the development pipeline

Shift Left OffSec is a pioneering solution that combines our technology, Conviso Platform, with the expertise of our Offensive Security team. As a result, we monitor the development of your software, identify risks, and suggest actions to increase the security level of your applications. Leverage the security of your applications with our automation resources and continuous monitoring by our pentesters.
Why choose Shift Left OffSec?
Performing pentests only on an occasional basis can expose your applications to risks and leave your company more vulnerable to intrusions and data leaks. Our solution is a service that focuses on including security from the beginning of your development process.

Technology: Enjoy the technology of Secure Pipeline - Conviso Platform's ASOC (Application Security Orchestration and Correlation) solution that brings scalability to your development

Anticipate risks:With continuous analysis and code review, your team can identify and deal with potential threats before they become major problems

Get expert guidance:Our analysts explore identified vulnerabilities, allowing for a detailed view of your application's risk, and then guide your team in correcting them

Proactivity in your software security

Shift-Left approach
Our solution positions security where it truly belongs: throughout the entire development cycle and in a continuous manner.

Eliminate false positives
Automated analysis tools present many false positives, consuming your team's time. Our specialized review offers a more precise and efficient solution.

Facilitated collaboration and communication
Shift Left OffSec creates a link between development and security teams so that they can work together. Our Threat Modeling process avoids security failures and, consequently, reduces friction between teams.

Conviso Platform

Saiba mais sobre os serviços de Pentest da Conviso e entenda como, combinados à Conviso Platform, eles podem ser um diferencial para a segurança da sua empresa!

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