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Boost your team’s security skills with training based on their daily work

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An AppSec Culture is built with training

Investing in training is an essential part of an effective application security plan. 

After all, beyond operating tools, the teams involved begin to learn and disseminate the culture of secure development. With that in mind, we have created training models with programmatic content that presents fundamental concepts for understanding AppSec. They are available in Web, Mobile, and API options and  can be purchased either separately or together, covering all three topics. This service provides standard programmatic content training and fixed hours for classes of up to 20 students.
Why choose AppSec Training?
Keeping applications secure is directly related to the training and skills development of the team that develops the solutions. Team training enables them to develop skills to identify and correct vulnerabilities, increasing efficiency in preventing attacks and reducing response time in case of incidents.

Contextualized Examples:AppSec Training focuses on training with practical and contextualized examples, so that students can apply them to situations that truly reflect their daily routines in companies

Learn from Experts:Our training is conducted by professionals who are experts in AppSec and who deal with the topic on a daily basis and constantly update themselves on new developments

Constantly Updated:The training content is frequently updated to reflect the latest trends and threats in application security

Bring the continuous development culture to your company

Develop the security skills of your teams and, as a result, comply with security legislations and guidelines.

From Devs to Devs
Our solution was created by our devs to train yours on the best security practices, reducing friction between teams.

Personalized and Dynamic  Customized to meet the specific needs of your team, with a dynamic and interactive methodology.

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