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How a complete DevSecOps platform can transform the routine of a financial institution

Appsec matters in every industry, but for banks and financial institutions, it is crucial.

That's why AppSec programs are so necessary - to gain maturity on the following fronts:
At Conviso, we know well the sector's main security problems - and how to solve them
They look for an
alternative to generate cultural engagement among devs

In an increasingly digital world, developers are expected to build and deploy software faster than ever before. But this creates a big problem: security teams often can't keep up with the accelerated speed of software development - and are often seen as an obstacle to deliveries.

This ends up generating friction between the teams, and low cultural engagement on the part of the devs, who are suffocated between deliveries.

Understand how Conviso Platform acts on these fronts:

It is a dev-first platform - and that means that it was created thinking precisely about the routine, challenges, and obstacles of the developer, who gains greater protagonism and autonomy. For this, it fully integrates with the tools used by devs, such as, for example, Jira.

Bet on awareness and continuous training - Through People&Culture, Conviso Platform offers an AppSec training solution, with code challenges based on the day-to-day development of each financial institution.

Offers gamification to engage - Challenges via gamification promote team engagement and promote learning in an active way.

Conviso Platform can transform your company's routine
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With the mission of supporting the entire secure development cycle and accelerating AppSec maturity in companies, Conviso Platform is a SaaS solution that empowers developers to build more secure applications. It was built based on the OWASP SAMM, the maturity model that defines security practices that address the entire software lifecycle.

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