In the AppSec market for over 13 years, Conviso has been growing continuously, spreading the Secure Development culture in companies, and empowering Developers to create secure applications.

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We are global.

We are Conviso

In the AppSec market since 2008, we are a global reference in Application Security. As a SaaS and dev-first company, we promote a culture of secure development in over 22 countries through services, projects, training, consulting, and primarily through our main product: Conviso Platform. Our portfolio includes important players in the financial sector worldwide and large e-commerce companies.

More than 5,000 vulnerabilities avoided
Clients in over 22 countries
Over 46,457 people trained in AppSec awareness through our training programs
Remote first: we were born remote and today we have a team that works from 34 different cities

Build your AppSec program with us

We help build and operationalize an AppSec program that adheres to the culture and maturity of each company, with our own technology and consulting services.

Our diagnosis is based on the practices of the OWASP SAMM maturity model, proposing a series of initiatives to accelerate the AppSec maturity of your business.

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The purpose that moves us

We follow a dev-first culture and our products are designed to optimize the routine of development professionals so that security ceases to be a bottleneck and becomes a culture.

For this mission, we gather developers who know very well the challenges of including security in a development project.

Executive team

CEO Wagner Elias

Wagner Elias

A reference in AppSec, he has been working with Information Security since 2004, having worked as a consultant and team leader. He is the founder of the Brazilian chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

COO Benedita Rocha

Benedita Rocha

With a background in Law and Mediation and Arbitration, she brings 27 years of experience in medium and large companies, in the areas of administration, HR, events, law, and consulting. Strong experience in operational management.

CTO Daniel Arenas

Daniel Arenas

A computer engineer and entrepreneur with skills in AppSec, Software Development, Infrastructure, Cloud, and Product. Passionate about management, specifically in Engineering, focused on creating high-performance teams.

We are an AppSec reference since 2008
2008 - Birth of Conviso.
2010 - Launch of the first version of the product that today is Conviso Platform.
2012 - We became the first Latin American company certified by Microsoft as an expert in their secure development process, the Microsoft SDL.
2013 - We became the first Brazilian company with a product certified by MITRE.
2015 - We were part of the Endeavor Innovation Panel, where we were selected as a high potential company, also making our presence felt in the Endeavor Promessas program.
2019 - We acquired Gauntlet as a way to offer greater coverage and security analysis.
2020 - Acquisition of N-Stalker, gaining clients in more than 30 countries and strengthening our relevance in Latin America and Europe.
2022 - We underwent a market repositioning to strengthen our dev-first purpose.

AppSec as a Culture

Only 18.2% of people working in software or e-commerce companies believe that there is enough knowledge about AppSec within organizations. At Conviso, we believe that implementing awareness-raising actions and training is the key to a culture that prioritizes the inclusion of security in the early stages of application design.

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