In the AppSec market for over 13 years, Conviso has been growing continuously, spreading the Secure Development culture in companies, and empowering Developers to create secure applications.

We are global.

We are Conviso

Conviso is a SaaS company with Brazilian DNA, and deeply consolidated in the global AppSec scenario. Our portfolio includes the main Brazilian banks, as well as major e-commerce websites and the biggest players in the payments sector worldwide.

A few of our achievements

Over 11.000 professionals trained in application security

A few of our achievements

Over 17.000 penetration tests performed

A few of our achievements

Over 15.000 vulnerabilities fixed in environments and applications


by purpose

At Conviso, we follow the Developer-first culture. Which means that our products are created to optimize the day-to-day of Developers.

That’s why we have gathered our own Developers, who are familiar with the everyday struggles of including security in a DevOps culture - to create a platform that is from devs to devs.

Meet our insiders

We have a strong sense of culture, and a team that is very aligned with it.

Vinicius Wiesehofer
Vinicius Wiesehofer
Marketing Analyst

“I always comment with those I know and would like to be part of the time, that Conviso is an incredible company to work for, that it encourages you to grow 1% a day, encourages self-management and provides opportunities for employee development. It's a very transparent and human company, which doesn't make you feel like you're just another one. The part of our values that says "we don't have a boss, we have a leader" is something that totally applies.”

Gustavo Dutra
Gustavo Dutra
Security Analyst

“I joined Conviso in 2019 as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), and before Conviso, I was a C++ developer. But my dream has always been to work with offensive security. So, early on, I communicated to my leader that I would like to develop to become a Security Analyst. I worked as an SRE until I felt prepared for the transition, and in 8 months I went to the area I wanted. It worked so well that I was later promoted to senior, and I currently work with vulnerability research.”

Andrea Nascimento
Andrea Pizatto
Sales Manager

“Conviso was the first company I interviewed when I came to live in Curitiba. It was for a position in the Finance Department, which ended up not working. But I left here with an idea in my head: this is where I wanted to work! I loved the culture and felt very good in Conviso's environment. In the end I was called to be part of the Commercial team and it worked out really well, today I consider the people at Conviso to be my family and I LOVE what I do!”

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