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The Benefits of a Complete DevSecOps Platform for Telecom Companies

That is why AppSec programs are necessary. They enable companies to gain maturity on the following fronts:
At Conviso we are familiar with the challenges faced by telephone operators when it comes to AppSec, and we have developed solutions to address them. Learn about some of them:
Uncentralized AppSec tools

In searching for a process that fits the institution's routine, it is common to come across telephone companies that have acquired many tools for development and security teams. Excessing tools, spreadsheets, and processes without an effective and centralized management of all these technologies causes rework and unnecessary expenses.

See how Conviso Platform helps solve this problem:

It covers the entire secure development lifecycle - Conviso Platform is a complete DevSecOps platform comprising five products, each of which plays an indispensable and complementary role in addressing the whole secure development lifecycle and accelerating enterprise AppSec maturity. Beyond preventive and corrective actions, it also helps promote cultural transformation in companies.

It centralizes, leverages, and coexists with other tools - Your team won't necessarily have to put aside the tools they've already acquired. On the contrary - our product supports the leading solutions in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Our integrations are constantly updated to offer more autonomy to Devs.

Interacts with Conviso CLI, our dev-friendly command-line interface solution that automates several functionalities. Users can access it locally and also within their CI/CD, to run security scan projects (SAST, SCA, IaC, Container); define policies to block the pipeline depending on different criteria.

It conducts security analysis orchestration  - Secure Pipeline is one of the five products that make up our platform. This ASTO (Application Security Testing Orchestration) solution integrates with code analysis tools, allowing proactive management of each new deployment performed by development teams. In addition, it unifies the results, enabling an overview of vulnerabilities.

Find out how Conviso Platform can transform your company's routine.
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With the mission of supporting the entire secure development cycle and accelerating AppSec maturity in companies, Conviso Platform is a SaaS solution that empowers developers to build more secure applications. To this end, it offers five products based on the OWASP SAMM, the maturity model that defines security practices that meet the entire software lifecycle. Learn more about each of them.

Learn more about each of them.