Use Case

Why do retail companies need to invest in a complete DevSecOps solution?

That is why AppSec programs are necessary. They enable companies to gain maturity on the following fronts:
At Conviso, we know well the sector's main security problems - and how to solve them
Lots of devs but
lack of AppSec focus

At Conviso, it is not uncommon to come across retail companies with large development teams that often hire outsourced teams or even report excess squads. Such factors would not be a problem if the security culture was already widespread in the sector - which is not yet the case. 

In 2022, when we conducted our survey on the Brazilian application security market, we asked: “does the company you work for present sufficient or satisfactory knowledge of AppSec?”. 54.5% reported that the company they work for is investing in improvements. Another 21.2% answered "no". Only 18.2% answered "yes". The challenge is to bring the issue of security to everyone involved and fight against the unfortunately widely spread misconception that security is an obstacle to development.

Here is how Conviso Platform works to develop the mindset of developers for the importance of security, Conviso Platform:

A dev-first platform - our platform was created based on the developer's routine, challenges, and obstacles, so they can gain more protagonism and autonomy. It fully integrates with the tools used by developers, such as, for example, Jira.

Continuous training - Through People & Culture, Conviso Platform offers an AppSec training solution with secure code challenges based on the day-to-day development of each institution.

Gamification to engage and raise awareness - People & Culture gamification challenges promote team engagement with active learning. The result is more awareness about the importance of security.

Dos entrevistados, 54,5% relataram que a empresa em que trabalham está investindo em melhorias neste sentido. Já outros 21,2% responderam que não. Apenas 18,2% responderam que sim.
O desafio, então, é levar o tema de segurança para todos os envolvidos e lutar contra a ideia errada, porém infelizmente amplamente difundida, de que a segurança é um empecilho para o desenvolvimento.
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With the mission of supporting the entire secure development cycle and accelerating AppSec maturity in companies, Conviso Platform is a SaaS solution that empowers developers to build more secure applications. It uses OWASP SAMM, the maturity model that defines security practices that address the entire software lifecycle, as a base.

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