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Orchestrate your

software security tests

Integration with CI/CD tools

Gain visibility into the risks associated with each deployment. Continuously review the security of the application, ensuring that new features do not compromise it.

Smart Results

Conviso Platform performs the dedup and correlation of the results of its main scan tools, optimizing the work of development teams.

Information for the entire company

Monitor the security of your application in real-time and provide relevant information to all stakeholders involved in the project.



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Integrate our platform with your code analysis tools, ensuring proactive management of each new deployment performed by your development team.
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Por meio de nosso CLI, os usuários podem integrar suas aplicações e suas esteiras de desenvolvimento à Conviso Platform. A todo momento, o usuário tem visão completa sobre o progresso do projeto no Secure Pipeline.
Conviso Platform unifies the results and provides an overview of vulnerabilities. To optimize processes, it also runs dedup - eliminating similar results, to avoid rework and improve scan visibility - and prioritizing and providing insights for faster and more assertive corrections.
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Get more control over software security - Secure Pipeline allows a unified view of all tests that have already run or are still running in the application in development. Monitor security in all your application deploys.


Gitlab Integration
Jenkins Integration
Circle CI Integration
Aqua security
Github Integration
Checkmarx integration
Fortify Integration
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Bring more efficiency to your vulnerability management

Learn all that Secure Pipeline can do for your team, and manage the results of several analysis tools in a single place.

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