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Identify risks and bring security

to the earliest stages of your pipeline

Improve connection between teams

Make it easier for security and development teams to work together – with less friction and more solutions.

Speed up deliveries

Bring security to the beginning of the pipeline - avoiding rework throughout application development and delivery.

Identify threats

With the help of threat modeling, identify risks and access the requirements that will enable the construction of secure software.

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Secure by Design provides access to libraries of security requirements and countermeasures, promoting integration between developers, software architects, and security analysts. On the Threat Modeling dashboard, choose whether you want to view projects that are in progress, or if you’d rather create a new one.
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Por meio de nosso CLI, os usuários podem integrar suas aplicações e suas esteiras de desenvolvimento à Conviso Platform. A todo momento, o usuário tem visão completa sobre o progresso do projeto no Secure Pipeline.
When creating a new project, Secure by Design will suggest attack patterns based on the architecture items. Select, among the available patterns, those that best suit your project.
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Based on the standards, the platform will suggest all necessary requirements. The professional will then be able to use this information to continue with their work with security and excellence.


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