Attack Surface

Visualize, Prioritize, Correct, and Prevent! Monitor and test the security of your attack surface.

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Corrective actions with

agility and prevention

Map your Assets

Discover and map all your assets, and gain continuous and complete visibility over your external attack surface.

Alerts and Prioritization

Receive security-related alerts for your assets, and prioritize remediation based on the criticality of identified vulnerabilities.

Agility in correction

Get more agility and standardization in fixing your vulnerabilities through guides, integrations, and insights provided by our platform.



Secure by Design Conviso PlataformSecure Pipeline Conviso PlataformAttack Surface Conviso PlatformPeople & Culture Conviso PlatformProtection as a Code Conviso Platform
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Conviso Platform maps the exposure of new assets available on the internet in real-time.
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Por meio de nosso CLI, os usuários podem integrar suas aplicações e suas esteiras de desenvolvimento à Conviso Platform. A todo momento, o usuário tem visão completa sobre o progresso do projeto no Secure Pipeline.
It indexes your assets to your organization automatically, allowing you to manage them - and with the option to also analyze your IT vendors' assets as well.
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We use our technology and intelligence to provide indicators and insights considering the criticality of each asset - and the risks they provide for your application. The goal is to make sure that your team can act preventively.


Qualys Integration
Veracode Integration
Circle CI Integration
Aqua security
Jira Integration
Checkmarx integration
Github Integration
Fortify Integration
Secure Pipeline Conviso Platform

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Obtain a unified view of all vulnerabilities and optimize your team's routine

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