Integrated security from the first line of code

The combination of Conviso Platform and our experts allows for security integration throughout the development pipeline without compromising speed.

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Continuous security in DevSecOp.

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Elevate maturity in security
in your development process.

The combination of Conviso Platform with our team of specialists in the DevSecOps Plan significantly enhances results, providing more robust and effective security solutions.

Manage the risk associated with the security of your applications

By gathering data from various sources and correlating them, the Conviso Platform provides a detailed view of asset security, associated with the risk of each application, enabling effective management of the organization's security posture.

Risk-Oriented Vulnerability Management
Manage the risk of each asset individually, allowing you to direct corrective efforts to what has the greatest impact on the organization.

Insights & DataTrack key metrics and KPIs for effective and contextualized management of your application security.

Shift-left in the Development Process

Incorporate security practices from the early stages of software development to reduce costs and time associated with late-stage corrections.

Threat Modeling Our experts support in the detailed execution of threat modeling for applications in development or to be developed, using the Conviso Platform.

Development Requirements Establish security requirements and track implementation through the platform.

IDE PluginAllow your developers to receive real-time feedback on code security while they develop.

Continuous Manual Code Review Your code undergoes continuous and rigorous analysis by our Offensive Security team, ensuring that new features are implemented without posing potential risks to the security of your applications.

Perform security analyses throughout the pipeline

Analyze the security of your application at every stage of the development cycle, increasing test coverage without slowing down deliveries.

Testing Orchestration Integrate your key automated analysis tools, orchestrate your tests on a single platform, and eliminate duplicate results.

Automated Testing Through the Conviso Platform, we perform automated analyses, including SAST, DAST, SCA, IAC, Secret Detection, and container analysis, covering the entire application lifecycle.

Beyond vulnerability identification

To ensure application security, it's necessary to go beyond vulnerability findings, incorporating technology and expertise to increase security maturity.

Continuous Whitebox Pentest Our analysts will test the resilience of the application, focusing on newly developed code.

Vulnerability Exploitation We strategically identify and exploit vulnerabilities, providing practical and effective solutions for correction.

Keep your applications compliant with the leading market regulations.
Data protection regulations and standards such as PCI-DSS and LGPD require good practices in code review and analysis, application testing, and a mature management process. With the DevSecOps plan, you stay one step ahead of compliance.
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