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Anticipate Security Failures in Your Application

Embed security in the early stages of your development and monitor your pipeline to prevent your application from being exposed to security vulnerabilities.

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Continuous Monitoring Throughout the Pipeline

Rely on a dedicated team of experts to identify potential risks and enhance the security of your system.

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AppSec Experts
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The Shift-Left OffSec gains an additional layer of effectiveness when supported and empowered by the Conviso Platform, our advanced Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform. This integration provides significant benefits:

Orchestration and Correlation of Security Scans

Automation in Defining Security Requirements

Contextualized Vulnerability Management

Facilitation of Collaboration between Dev and Sec

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Go beyond simple vulnerability identification

Threat Modeling
We conduct detailed threat modeling for applications under development. We aim to establish essential security requirements, ensuring a secure and protected development process.

Continuous Code Review
With each new deploy, your code undergoes continuous and rigorous analysis, ensuring that new features are implemented without posing potential security risks to your applications.

Vulnerability Exploitation
Our AppSec experts strategically explore these flaws when detecting vulnerabilities. This enables us to provide a comprehensive report of the risk posed to your application.

Take a proactive approach to securing your applications

Talk to our team and learn how to integrate security into the early stages of your software development.

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