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A complete DevSecOps solution
To empower developers to build secure applications

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DevSecOps process
For each phase, one solution. For a complete AppSecProgram, one platform.
Conviso Platform is an Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) solution that enhances the exchange of information and correlations of all analyzes performed by the 5 products that compose it.It applies different resources, and manages essential AppSec functions and assets to lead a complete Application Security program.

Our five solutions are modular, so you can choose what best fits your team's needs: purchase them separately or get the entire platform to unlock its full potential.
Conviso Platform was built based on the OWASP SAMM, the maturity model that defines security practices that address the entire software lifecycle. Each of its five products was designed to cover the specific challenges of each phase of software development.
Accelerate AppSec maturity and bring the AppSec culture to your company
Meet Conviso’s SaaS solution that supports the entire secure development cycle to accelerate AppSec maturity in companies. Each of its five products plays an indispensable and complementary role in this purpose by contemplating not only preventive and corrective actions - but also by promoting the AppSec culture within companies.
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Increase the security of your applications
Improve developer autonomy
Reduce friction between security and development
Otimize software delivery

How a complete DevSecOps solution works

A dev-first approach
Conviso Platform was created to fit the day-to-day challenges of the Developer, who gains more protagonism and autonomy. That’s why it’s fully integrated with the tools frequently used by Devs, so they don’t need to leave the ecosystem they are used to.
Make the most of your resources
Conviso Platform supports the leading CI/CD solutions, Security Scanners, Defect Tracking tools, and other solutions on the market. It centralizes, leverages, and coexists with other market solutions, making it easier for your team to let go of outdated processes.
Findings Conviso Platform
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Unify your AppSec management process
Our integrations are constantly updated, which is a significant differential in obtaining a complete DevSecOps platform. Conviso Platform delivers vulnerability analysis and allows those involved to access all the data from other tools they already use daily.
third step
Get more control over software security - Secure Pipeline allows a unified view of all tests that have already run or are still running in the application in development. Monitor security in all your application deploys.
Get data and insights for intelligent decision-making
Our intuitive dashboard experience boosts your decision-making process with intelligent graphics and complete information so you can gain better insights regarding your applications.
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control of risk
Efficient control of risk policies
Conviso Platform correlates and manages vulnerabilities, controls the correctionworkflow, manages deployments, correlates and aggregates analysis results, and delivers indicators, among other features.
Unlock the full potential of your development workflow
Make security a seamless part of your development process with Conviso Platform's API and CLI integration

What dev-first really means

At your pace - Integrations are updated constantly to provide more autonomy for developers, and to keep security at the speed of your business.

We integrate with the Devs favorite solutions - Conviso Platform fully integrates with the tools that Devs use and love, and supports the leading solutions in CI/CD tools.

Explore our GraphQL API - The primary way to interact with Conviso Platform.

Rely on Conviso CLI - A developer-friendly command line interface tool that automates a series of functionalities.

Five products, One platform

Conviso Platform has got the whole security pipeline covered to empower developers to build secure applications. Because Security shouldn't be an isolated part of your development pipeline — it should be an ongoing, collaborative activity between all teams. Conviso now presents five products within its platform to help you in this mission.

Secure by Design Conviso Plataform

Secure By Design

Our Application Security Requirements and Threat Management (ASRTM) solution.

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Secure Pipeline Conviso Plataform

Secure Pipeline

Our Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC) tool.

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Attack Surface Conviso Platform

Attack Surface

Our External Attack Surface Management (EASM) solution.

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Protection as a Code Conviso Platform

Protection as a Code

A complete solution in Web Application Firewall.

People & Culture Conviso Platform

People & Culture

AppSec capacitation with code challenges in a Computer Based Training (CBT) solution.

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Use Cases

Every industry has its own security challenges. Conviso Platform covers them all.


Appsec matters in every industry - but for banks and financial institutions, it's crucial.

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Retailers face particular challenges when it comes to AppSec. The lack of a security culture and large development teams are some of them.

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Learn how a complete DevSecOps platform can transform the day-to-day life of telecom companies.

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Watch, read, listen

Navigate through our podcasts, videos, articles, and documents that show you how a complete AppSec program can leverage your business

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Modelagem de Ameaças – por que desenvolvedores devem ficar atentos a isso?

In this video, we tell you about the benefits of performing threat modeling and why it becomes so important in the development phase. If you are a developer, watch until the end to understand in detail!

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AppSec: Integrations with CI/CD tools through Conviso Platform

Within development teams, managing results in CI/CD tools, getting visibility, continuous feedback, quick iterations, and being able to find and fix security issues without slowing down the pipeline flow can be a challenge.

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Securing your code on GitHub with Conviso Platform integration

When talking about the development cycle of an application, we always emphasize the importance of integrating and orchestrating tools to build an agile and secure process.

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