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How a complete DevSecOps solution works

some integrations with Conviso Platform
Conviso Platform integrates with the market solutions that devs use and love - the leading CI/CD, and development tools — which gives developers rapid feedback so they can find and fix high-priority vulnerabilities within the code they’re working on.
Development teams often juggle multiple tools. Conviso Platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, allowing developers to focus on writing secure code instead of juggling multiple tools. With Conviso Platform, developers can spend more time doing what they do best: creating great software while ensuring that it is secure.

At the dev’s speed

Our integrations are updated constantly to provide more autonomy for developers, and to keep security at the speed of your business.

Microsoft Active Directory

















Amazon Inspector



Azure Pipelines



AWS Code Build


GitHub Actions




Dependency Track

GitHub SCA

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Explore our API

The primary way to interact with Conviso Platform is through our API. What makes GraphQL unique is that the dev does the query and not the server, enabling unique and on-demand queries for every need.

At your speed - Get more speed at connection latency and server processing. Over 7600 projects and their respective occurrences were returned in an average of 30-40 seconds on our tests.

Optimize your development process - The reduction in the number of requests provided by the GraphQL API allows for optimization of the development curve. After all, it allows specifying which data to fetch in a single query, reducing the need for multiple requests to different endpoints. This results in cost and server load reduction, as well as improved user experience due to the reduced response time of the API.

Better documentation - GraphQL is strongly typed and the documentation is written in the code itself, leaving no room for procrastination. As resources are developed, they are documented and be made available simultaneously.

Use the API for seamless integration between Conviso Platform and your Development Stack

Conviso CLI

Our dev-oriented tool automates multiple functionalities, streamlining user interactions with the platform. Conviso CLI can be used both locally and inside your CI/CD environment, enabling you to easily access the following features:

Conduct security scans on your projects using SAST, SCA, IaC, and Container.

Set policies to block your pipeline based on different criteria.

Share different versions of your source code application for review by your security team or Conviso's team (with a professional services license).

Conviso CLI optimizes the developer’s time, reduces friction in the development process, and helps to ensure that your code is secure at every step of software development.

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