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AppSec Training Program

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Mature companies go far beyond compliance with regulations.

Discover Conviso's program that creates specific content to empower your teams

When it comes to our AppSec Training Program, no training is the same as another. Our consulting team creates tailored materials and models for your company.Our solution helps in the continuous development of your team and, consequently, in the construction of better AppSec maturity.
Why choose the AppSec Training Program?
Each industry has its own challenges. That's why Conviso offers a solution of personalized training programs.

Based on your team’s gaps:The program structure is created according to the needs of your organization and fully customized. We create training materials such as video lessons, documentation, and exercises

In your context:We create our program with practical and contextualized examples that are consistent with your company's routine, including labs that present real vulnerabilities in the environment and their code fixes

The best AppSec professionals:AppSec expertswith extensive market experience are in charge, using innovative and effective teaching methodologies and strategies

Elevate your team's AppSec maturity level

Maximize your results
The customizable nature of this service helps your employees develop specific skills to identify and correct vulnerabilities, increasing the effectiveness in preventing attacks and reducing the response time in case of incidents.

Best practices
Our professionals follow and teach practices recommended by OWASP SAMM, the model that proposes a set of security practices that cover the entire software life cycle.

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