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Protection as a Code

Correct and monitor

Protection as a Code flags fixes, and monitors threats from the development pipeline.

Devs in charge of virtual patching

Traditional WAFs are managed by infrastructure teams, which creates distance from the devs. Our solution empowers developers to apply virtual patching to the WAF.

Cloud Support

Designed to integrate and be deployed as part of the protected application, ensuring that the WAF is deployed wherever applications can run - including the cloud.



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Protection as a Code enables development teams to apply virtual patches with WAF, defining defense policies, monitoring attacks, and observing the HTTP traffic of the application exposed to the internet.
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Por meio de nosso CLI, os usuários podem integrar suas aplicações e suas esteiras de desenvolvimento à Conviso Platform. A todo momento, o usuário tem visão completa sobre o progresso do projeto no Secure Pipeline.
This positions the developer as a protagonist in managing security tools that protect servers that host the application, to automate them in the CI/CD pipeline. From this configuration, it correlates the results of different sources in a single platform of vulnerability management and orchestration tools.
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The integration and orchestration of several scans provided by Conviso Platform ensure a unified view of all application vulnerabilities - promoting improved management through data and security insights.


Qualys Integration
Veracode Integration
Circle CI Integration
Aqua security
Jira Integration
Checkmarx integration
Github Integration
Fortify Integration
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