Application Security as a Service

Improve your ROI by converting fixing budget in a more mature process of security in software development.

AppSec Cycle

What AppSec Cycle is

The first available managed service offering specialized application security
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The digital world is global

No applications on the web are safe from cybercrime. When a software is made to run on a user´s device (browser, mobile, IOT…etc) you lose control over who can access it… It is accessible, literally, to all the world.

Change the way you think about application security ... Stop trying to protect your data from your network... Start protecting your data with secure applications.



AppSec Cycle is adaptable to your software delivery approach, whether it´s traditional, Bi-modal or DevOps. However, the AppSec Cycle processes and tools were designed to fit on a Continuous Delivery model, allowing the security to flow through the software development pipeline and to be integrated with other automated tools, ceasing to be a bottleneck to the development process.

APP Culture, SEC Mind

It is a great challenge to adopt appsec in the digital world! And this challenge can only be faced by the Security Champions, but, who are they?

Defined by OWASP, by Gartner and by other AppSec foundations, the Security Champions are the developers highly involved in application security activities, thus, they know the challenges on how to take care of the security flaws in applications. With AppSec Cycle your development team will immediately have at their disposal the Conviso Security Champions' team, which will not only spread the security culture of application security, but also identify, prepare and develop new Security Champions from the clients' Dev team. Check some of the roles that Conviso Security Champions will play on the software development process.

Train developers in secure coding practices and interpretation of the established processes

Ensure the treatment of vulnerabilities complies with the directives of the policies established by the company

Help establish and validate security requirements for maintenance and creation of new software

Security Champions

Engage as advisor on conception meetings and software development projects alignment

Present and clear any doubt related to security analysis such as penetration testing and code review

Act as enabler and implement security in the development without negatively impacting deadlines and attendance to business requirements

Application Security Maturity Model

AppSec Cycle deploys the OpenSAMM, which is a maturity model in application security defined by OWASP.

It organizes the security controls in four Business Functions, each one with three Security Practices, generating a total of 12 practices that are controlled according to the levels of maturity set by stages from 0 (zero) to 3 (three).

Do you want to know more about OpenSAMM?
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The path to a secure development pipeline software, at the speed of digital business, passes by a higher collaboration between security team and the development team. They need to know the culture and objectives of each other to establish a common protocol so the pipeline can flow without overlooking the security.
With the AppSec Cycle this protocol is implemented, allowing a greater alignment among the areas.

Powered by AppSec Flow

AppSec Cycle is supported by the continuous application security plataform by Conviso, the AppSec Flow

AppSec Flow

AppSec Flow is the backbone of the AppSec Cycle application security managed services. It is the hub for team communication and tools integration, controlling risk policies, correlating analysis, enables vulnerability management, controls remediation workflow, display indicators, among many other functions.